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Our Contemporary Clean Lined Range offers a polished, sleek finish perfect for your new fireplace centrepiece. With square edges and a bright, even grain, these kiln-dried oak beams provide a modern spin on a traditional material. Minimal cracks and minimal knots, these beams add an elegant touch to any room. Sourced from protected forests, our durable and beautiful oak beams are designed to last a lifetime. Choose from natural, warm, white or dark oak to make a bold statement. The high-quality polish makes maintenance a breeze, allowing you to display your ornaments with pride.

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If you’re looking for a smooth, polished finish for your new fireplace centrepiece, then our Contemporary Clean Lined Range is for you.

This range incorporates a sense of symmetry with perfectly square edges and a bright and even look throughout the grain. Aptly named, the beams from our Contemporary Clean Lined Range undergo a process of kiln drying which creates a clean finish with the absence of cracks and minimal knots which are contrastingly characteristic of natural, kiln dried oak. There’s a reason why hardwood oak remains a classic choice when it comes to furniture and beams. We have put a contemporary twist on this traditional, durable wood by giving it a clean, smooth finish which makes for a stunning, sleek mantel within your living space.

Our oak beams are both beautiful and hard wearing, meaning that once you choose a beam from the Contemporary Clean Lined Range, it’s yours for life. We source all of our timber from FSC protected forests, meaning that your new beam originates from a sustainably managed forrest.

Choose from warm or dark oak to add a statement to the centrepiece of your room. You can place your ornaments on these beautiful, contemporary oak fireplace beams with pride and keep them looking pristine by dusting them with ease due to the high quality polish and sheen.

Installation Info

Useful Information

When you order one of our solid oak Fireplace Beams, you will receive concealed supports included in the price. These supports are perfect for mounting the surround on various surfaces such as stone, brick, and breeze block. If you have plasterboard walls and can locate and fix to the timber studs, you can also use these supports. 

To ensure a secure installation, our fireplace beams are crafted with professionally machined holes in the back that perfectly fit the concealed supports. Additionally, we provide detailed fitting instructions with each beam. So you can confidently set up your new shelf with ease.

Download or view our installation guides here

14x14 Beam & solid wall shelf installation guide

14x10 Beam & solid wall shelf install guide

Plasterboard beam installation guide

Kindly be advised that we cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies in installations or any damages that may occur during the installation process. Please note that we do not accept returns for items that have already been installed.

Our Oak + Dimensions

At Cottage Beams, we prioritise sustainability by sourcing oak from responsibly managed forests certified by PEFC.
We are proud to collaborate with two tree planting partnerships, one being the Goosemoor Nature Reserve and the other is called One Tree Planted.

Oak Characteristics

The oak we use, which is either naturally air-dried or kiln dried, possess certain inherent traits. These are the result of the oak's reaction to environmental shifts and forces over time. These traits lend a distinct appearance to the oak and infuse a sense of "character" to every item we manufacture. As a result, each beam or shelf possesses its own unique set of traits and there will be variation between individual pieces. The following are the traits that are naturally found in our products:

Cracks (Checks)
Checks, or cracks that form in the wood, are typically the result of tension stress. These are less common in our kiln dried products and smaller cracks may have been filled.

Knots, often distinguished by a darker centre and a resin outline, stand out from the grain. They add unique character to the wood and lend authenticity to the timber boards as no two knots are identical.

Medullary Rays
These markings, known as "medullary rays", are a natural feature that enhances the rich character and beauty of all our oak products.


It's crucial to understand that since each of our products is handcrafted, there will be variations between each piece. Each beam or shelf will have its own unique grain pattern, cracks, knots, and splits that add to its natural traits. Please expect some further movement if placed above a heat source.


Beam sizes might vary slightly due to the machining and sanding process. Please allow for a 1.5cm variance. These minor differences are not considered defects.

Weight Guidelines

We recommend that each concealed rod fixing for solid walls can hold approximately 15kg; however this will depend on the depth of the shelf purchase and the integrity of the wall which it is installed on. We may use 12mm round bar for any beam over 14cm in depth and 200cm in length

Plasterboard fixings can be installed onto standard12mm to 16mm plasterboard


We offer a variety of colours however our most common colours are Natural, Warm, White and Dark. Please note colours may have slight differences from one piece to another. Although we try our best to match all colours and finishes, these variations are normal and not considered manufacturing defects.


1. Can I return my product
a.We make shopping easy with free delivery on most UK orders. Returns are also free, except for bespoke and promotional items. You can shop confidently knowing there's no risk. If our products don't meet your expectations, simply return them.

2. I can't find the size I want
a. Most of our products can be ordered in a variety of sizes. If you are unable to locate the size on the website please contact us here (hyper link to form) with your specifications and we will see if it's something we can do.

3. Does this product come with fixings
a. Absolutely! Rest assured, all of our shelves are equipped with the necessary fixings to suit your specific wall type, whether it be solid masonry or plasterboard. Usually 2 fixings will be supplied for products under 140cm, 3 fixings from 140cm - 210cm. If you need your fixings located in a particular place please contact us. If you're specifically looking to mount shelves on plasterboard walls, we have a range of products designed especially for that purpose. Just make sure to select an item with the "for plasterboard walls" label in the title.

4. Are the fixings suitable for both solid masonry walls and plasterboard walls?
a. No, this product is only suitable for Solid walls. It may be possible to fix onto a stud wall if you are able to locate the timber studs. Please contact us if you have a dot-dab wall.

5. Do you offer colour samples
a.Yes we encourage you to purchase a sample pack. We've created a rustic and smooth finish on each sample so you can get a better idea of the colouration differences between our styles. Each individual sample is unique and beautiful, so use them as a guide to find the perfect finish for your project.

Delivery and Returns

We aim to make your shopping experience refreshingly easy. For most orders within the UK, delivery is free, and returns are also free (excluding bespoke  and promotional items, where customers must cover the return costs). You can shop with confidence, knowing that there is no risk involved. If our products don't meet your expectations, simply send them back. It's as simple as that! 

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