Farmhouse Air Dried Oak Shelves

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Transform your home with the rustic beauty of our Air-dried Farmhouse Oak Shelves.

  • Crafted from 100% solid oak.
  • Air-dried

The perfect addition to your home for a cozy farmhouse atmosphere that’s full of character and charm. Lovingly handcrafted, these shelves take advantage of the unique characteristics. This gives them a heritage feel that’s sure to make your home feel like a true farmhouse. With its original features, each beam has its own individual story to tell. Providing that unique, personal touch that the farmhouse style is so famous for.

The edges of the farmhouse shelves are softly rounded off giving the beam a highly finished look. We source all of our timber from protected forests. This means that your new shelves originates from a sustainability managed area.

Farmhouse style is defined by functional and welcoming spaces. With the use of wood and other natural materials, it is not about shutting out ‘the elements’ and leaving the outdoors firmly outdoors, but about incorporating these weathered, interesting and highly individual stories into a warm and inviting living space.

Add the farmhouse oak shelves to your home and bring the cozy, comforting atmosphere of the farmhouse right into your living room!

Sizing guide
Color: Warm
Size: 14 X 3.5 X 40cm
Cant find your measurements? Visit our bespoke shelving designers to create your own
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